Integration with Management

Fleet management includes activities of a logistical nature, vehicle maintenance activities, management activities, and mission planning activities.

The purpose of fleet management is to improve the efficiency and productivity of companies’ transportation-related activities, reducing their overall costs while reducing or eliminating the corresponding risks, particularly by ensuring adherence to current legislation.

Integration with the Flottaweb platform has added fleet location tracking and advanced vehicle safety management through a 24-hour operations center to management activities.

Flottaweb is integrated with the following management systems:

Manage and plan every trip of every vehicle

By managing the daily operations of your fleet 360° and in real time, you will be able to reduce costs, increase productivity, control vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every working day.


Flottaweb scheduling allows you to view the trip planning of various vehicles on the calendar. Clicking on the individual trip will display the route on a map with the various operations, showing those already completed and the remaining part of the trip. The timeline of events will also be shown.


The platform allows the entry and management of orders, starting from the customer master data, the goods to be transported and the various destinations. Performs cost calculations enabling the creation of estimates.

Cost Management

Flottaweb allows you to calculate costs related to trips and thus to individual orders.

It takes into account both fixed business costs such as salaries, utilities, etc., and variable costs more specifically related to the various phases of the trip.

Digitization of travel documents

Flottaweb makes it possible to reduce paper documents and optimize time and document organization. In fact, through an app, drivers will be able to scan various documents, indicate their type, enter notes and details, and have them signed directly on the smartphone. These documents will be captured in real time by the office, which can file them and associate them with the various trips.

API Developers

With the Flottaweb API service, it is possible to integrate data from onboard sensors in real time within one’s management system so that one can improve and increase the efficiency of one’s business operational processes.

All features

Based on continuous research and development, today Flottaweb is able to offer in a single platform a comprehensive range of services for managing and monitoring your fleet’s trips as well as their costs.

Travel Planning

It is possible to plan trips, intermediate stops, loads and unloads. All this via remote and send it to the vehicle’s internal navigation system.

Supply Boards

The module allows management of supplies and supply sheets for each vehicle in the fleet.

Expense Sheets

It is possible to manage each driver’s expenses in real time.

Sending Photos and Documentation

The system allows sending and receiving scanned documents from the driver using the smartphone provided by Flottaweb.

Customizable checklists

The system allows you to generate checklists for each trip and send it to the corresponding medium.

Travel Management

It is possible to manage every stage and operation of the trip in real time.