Location of vehicles and trailers

Flottaweb Fleet Management allows GPS tracking of vehicles and trailers on map maps and especially tracking their progress. Satellite tracking allows you to view the route taken through location history. Alerts in real time in case of deviation from the planned route.

Allows you to configure targets, also useful for receiving alerts when vehicles enter or leave such targets. Allows an automatic on-board message to be sent when the vehicle enters a risk area, such as tutors, speed cameras, etc.

Messaging and VoIP

Thanks to the internal messaging system, dialogue with drivers is possible.

The system allows sending and receiving photos, documents, and scans.

As in most common messaging applications, Flottaweb also allows the management of Groups.

Flottaweb also implements a VoIP calling service so as to reduce costs especially for foreign calls.

Driver Hours Management

Flottaweb, within its enterprise fleet management system, allows drivers’ driving hours to be calculated based on tachograph data.
It allows you to check daily, weekly and bi-weekly data, highlighting the hours already driven and the remaining hours, the various stops made and planned, the remaining wild cards, the route, the speed graph and the miles driven. Allows for prevention and reporting of infractions.

Checking Consumption and Driving Style

Flottaweb can detect, in real time, all data related to CAN-BUS, with particular reference to fuel consumption: level in the tank, liter meter, low-speed consumption. It also performs a driving style analysis taking into account both the driver’s actual driving ability and the difficulty of the route taken.

Tachograph Unloading and Archiving

Flottaweb enables backup and management of tachograph files, providing easy access to files anytime, anywhere

Remote tachograph unloading

Flottaweb offers the ability to remotely download via GPRS network .DDD files containing data from both the digital tachograph mass storage and the driver card

Database storage

The downloaded .DDD files are entered into the database so that they can be consulted in real time, also in order to have the forecast calculation always updated


Within the Flottaweb Platform you will have a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the diagnostic information of the various vehicles by allowing real-time display of dashboard warning lights.

Reading DTC Fault Codes

OBD-II provides information on all parameters and errors relevant to pollutant emissions:

  • Parameter codes (RLI): Speed, RPM.
  • Error codes (DTCs): Oxygen sensor.
  • The reading of error components is standardized.

Maintenance and Service

Within the Flottaweb Platform it will be possible to monitor and manage the maintenance of the entire company fleet as well as set coupons for each car but especially those for refrigerated trucks.



Within the Flottaweb Platform, a mouse click is all it takes to open or respond to any ticket.

With Flottaweb you can save time… improve business production efficiency and the safety of vehicles and drivers.

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All features

Based on continuous research and development, today Flottaweb with its fleet management system is able to offer a full range of logistics services in a single platform for GPS tracking of vehicles and trailers.

Replay Path

Ability to retrace the entire route taken by the driver with display of speed, fuel, cruise control.

Internal chat

Thanks to the internal messaging system, it is possible to dialogue with drivers by sending and receiving photos, documents, scans.


The digital tachograph module also allows you to calculate infractions and generate warning letters.

Reading error lights

Within the Flottaweb Platform, you will have a comprehensive and up-to-date view of your vehicles’ diagnostic information.


It is possible to check the progress of the trip in real time, displaying both the operations of the trip and the route.

EBS control unit data

The TrailerSAT-EBS on-board device can read data from on-board ECUs (Wabco, Haldex, Knorr).

Mobile Boxes and Containers Localization

The on-board control unit has an autonomy of 1 year and 2 dispatches per day. It is possible to increase the frequency of submissions.