Flottaweb is a Fleet Management Platform that uses the most reliable solutions and partners, but above all, it aims to provide technologically advanced solutions that can support companies in managing their logistics activities while ensuring the safety of vehicles, transported goods and people.

Over the years more and more services have been added, and today Flottaweb is able to offer, in a single platform, a complete set of logistics services, such as geographic localization, fuel consumption tracking and driving style monitoring, remote download of digital tachograph data, messaging, and integrated satellite navigation, temperature control of refrigerators.

These services can be combined with satellite burglar alarm features and the 24-hour televigilance operations center, which enables real-time monitoring and management of alarms.

As mentioned Flottaweb is a Fleet Management Platform that makes use of the most reliable solutions and partners; therefore, Flottaweb’s team of engineers and developers make use of the most advanced solutions and are constantly working to ensure the platform’s extensive and continuous integration with other application programs needed by logistics and transportation companies, such as management software, loading platforms, tachograph solutions, and other technologically advanced solutions.