Cold Transport

TrailerCOLD monitoring of the Cold Chain.

To ensure compliance with the cold chain and thus to keep the temperature of transported goods under control at all times, we offer the TrailerCOLD solution , a system for monitoring temperature probe data in the Cold Chain.

It is necessary to install the GPRS/GPS device on board the semi-trailer that can locate the vehicle, take the data related to the on-board sensors and send it to the Flottaweb platform.

All data always available

TrailerCOLD for Cold Chain monitoring is directly connected to the refrigeration unit.

The device is able to read all the data related to the sensors for monitoring the Cold Chain: engine hours, electrical group activity hours, engine revolutions, engine temperature, refrigeration group alarm codes, ambient temperature and to transmit them to the operation center.

All features

Based on continuous research and development, today Flottaweb with its fleet management system is able to offer in one platform a full range of services on transportation and cold chain management through its TrailerCold system.

Engine Hours

The module enables monitoring and management of motor runtime and activity.

Hours Activity Electrical group

It is possible to monitor and manage the activity of the power supply unit of refrigeration systems.

Engine RPM

The system allows the efficiency and engine revs of the vehicle to be monitored.

Motor Temperature

It is possible to monitor engine performance with relative temperature.

Room Temperature

The system constantly and in real time monitors the ambient temperature.

Alarm codes Refrigeration group

The module makes it possible to display any malfunctions with their alarm codes in real time.

Tailgate Opening

The system monitors the opening and closing of hatches in real time with associated security alarm.

Remote Set Point Management

Ability to manage and set set set points directly from remote.