Freight Trucking

Flottaweb is the right fleet management platform for any industry, and you’ll always know what’s going on. Check in real time where your vehicles are located. Get a 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations so you can reduce costs, increase productivity, manage vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every workday.

Flottaweb helps you monitor daily and weekly driving times and track rest periods to ensure that driver health and safety requirements are met.

Through the platform you can also check the fuel level inside the tank and its consumption in real time.

Means of rescue

Knowing where your assets are, and where they have been, has never been easier. With Flottaweb you have full visibility on all your siren vehicles, even when you have thousands of resources. You can monitor them all in a single dashboard that groups your fleet into intelligent clusters and offers several quick search options.

Customized alerts will inform you about the status of sirens and beacons, their status of use, and in case of malfunctions.

Quickly manage your workforce with job boards and real-time messaging.



During work activity, monitoring the means is much more useful than knowing where they are.

Sensors send status updates on a wide range of events, including temperature change, excessive vibration or abnormal movement, and criticality.


Buses and mini buses at the click of a mouse. Through satellite tracking systems, you are always in control of your vehicles, can check their routes, stops, adherence to planned routes and exceeding speed limits.

Consumption and driving style

You will be able to check those driving behaviors that negatively affect fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear, but can also put passenger safety at risk.


You will be able to offer WiFi service on board the coaches. A genuine added value for your passengers that will allow you to stand out for innovation and customer focus.


With FlottaWeb, it is so easy to monitor cleanup and waste collection activities. The system reports and records routes taken by vehicles, waste collection, and ongoing mechanized sweeping and washing activities.

The platform implements a management system for diagnostic and alarm data related to the operation of the vehicle and equipment used.

It is possible to locate the position of the vehicle in the territory in real time, allowing monitoring of the service actually performed and also storing the historical data of the routes taken.


Flottaweb offers specific solutions for agricultural machinery, vehicles that by their nature are usually left in off-center areas and are therefore particularly prone to theft.

You will be able to monitor the location of your vehicles in real time, download and check fuel consumption and vehicle usage status.



With the black box, it is possible to save money on insurance.

By analyzing the data collected by the black box, the causes of a claim and its patterns can be accurately traced. In case of theft, through the built-in satellite tracker, tracing the vehicle will be very easy.

Assets tracking

Flottaweb is the fleet management platform suitable for any industry, you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of vehicles, material or people.

In this way, personal asset tracking can be realized.