Behind every connected device is a customer

With Flottaweb, learn how to deliver value in terms of productivity and efficiency with every connected device

Container Position

Container Position is a system integrated into the Flottaweb platform. Through the application you can monitor, manage or modify information about your containers wherever they are.

You will have in real time not only the tracking of the journey or the location of the container but also all the information about the various exchanges to know if it is on a vehicle, on a train, in port or on a ship.

IoT car services

The Internet of Things is opening up new roads introducing completely new levels on the traditional concept of cars.

Flottaweb offers an extraordinary variety of technology services (insurance, car tax, service, …) and applications for increasingly connected cars and drivers. Through these services will increasingly improve driving assistance, performance control and diagnostics.

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things extends to real-world objects the ability to collect, process and exchange network data typical of computers, allowing for improved monitoring, control and automation. With Flottaweb everything can be connected.

Our IoT technology allows remote asset management; it is composed of multiple levels, including device hardware, connectivity, data management, applications, analytics and security. You can connect devices and applications to ensure a smooth flow of data and information.

Car Sharing

Flottaweb integrates the most advanced technologies to improve user experience IoT into car sharing services.

There are numerous processes in the car rental industry that can be automated and optimized. By telematics, it is possible to obtain automatically the information on the fuel level of the vehicle at the time of re-entry or to monitor the length of parking or return correctly; Virtual keys can be used for locking / unlocking the car door from smartphones.