Earth moving machines

Flottaweb has chosen to use its know-how to facilitate the management and safety of earthmoving machines with 4.0 technologies.









Cerification Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas, a worldwide recognized body and accredited by over 60 international institutions, has certified the preparation of Flottaweb solutions for the 4.0 certification.






All functions

In addition to the classic functions of geolocation and constant monitoring, there are solutions specifically designed for earthmoving machines


Temperatura esterna
Variazione Temperatura

The system monitors in real time any temperature variation of the vehicle that may be abnormal


The system monitors any excessive vibration of the vehicle

Codici allarme

The system immediately detects and sends an alarm message for each criticality


Invio viaggi
Abnormal Movement

The system is able to detect any abnormal movement and communicate it promptly