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Flottaweb gives you the opportunity to become a cutting-edge company based on 4.0.

Flottaweb allows you to manage your business fleet

Software for the management of the company fleet that allows, with a single product, integration with management systems to control all the data from the order entry to the delivery of the goods: display of the schedule received from the management system, sending the trip on board, monitoring of loading/unloading operations in real time.

Documents can be scanned, signed and sent from smartphones or tablets, quickly and easily.


Planning - Flusso di lavoro
Localizzazione geografica GPS

Geographic localisation

Flottaweb is a satellite platform that, thanks to its team of engineers and developers, is enriched “on the job” with innovative functions born from specific customer needs.

Flottaweb offers a unique evolutionary assistance that guarantees a service that is always up to date with the latest technological breakthroughs.

  • Satellite tracking of vehicles and trailers
  • Management of driver driving hours
  • Optimise fuel consumption and driving style
  • Tachograph download and storage
  • Vehicle, driver and goods safety
  • Specific cold transport services

Cold chain

Flottaweb provides specific services for the control of cold chain.It allows you to know the start hours of the cold compartment, litres of fuel consumed and diesel level in the tank. It also detects the alarms of the door opening, off course and exceedances of the set point, allowing also to view the history of the alarms.

  • Remote control of the refrigeration group
  • Set point and mode settings
  • Reading of thermotape recorders
  • Detection of fridge unit errors
Catena del freddo
Integrazione con gestionale

Integrations with management

The continuous developments have allowed Flottaweb to expand its services by integrating the best management cones on the market, offering a single complete product capable of meeting the needs of a transport company.

  • Visualization Planning travels received from management
  • Administration of costs and management
  • Digitizing travel documents

Security with operations centre

Safety is increasingly a key issue for road transport.

Flottaweb collaborates with the Scala Vanini certified operations centre

  • Operational centre with Vanini certification up to level 6
  • Anti-theft devices and security against theft

Reading Dashboard error indicators

Comprehensive and up-to-date view of your vehicles’ diagnostic information with real-time display of dashboard error indicators.

The possible ignition of a light or alarm will also be transmitted to the Operations Centre.

Real-time display of dashboard tell-tales

Search filters

Setting search filters for vehicle and reference period

Operative centre
Automatic reporting to the operative centre

OBD or OBD-II on-board diagnostics with pollutant emission detection

Integrazione con API

Integrations with API

Do you already have a consolidated computer system and would like to integrate it with information from Flottaweb?

Flottaweb is the software for the management of the company fleet and thanks to our API, which you can insert into your software, you will have all the information sent by the on-board sensors.

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