Flottaweb’s 4.0 approach to helping companies in digitisation



Services and solutions  provided by Flottaweb are specifically designed for the needs of each individual customer.

Everyone can use them, including:

  • Private vehicles

  • Earth moving machines

  • Forklifts

  • Refrigerated vehicles

  • Municipal machines

  • Tourist vehicles

  • Agricultural machinery

  • All goods transport vehicles



The investments related to 4.0, in addition to bringing long-term benefits thanks to the remote management of consumption, location, goods, vehicles and security, provide government incentives that allow you to limit as much as possible the burden of spending.
Furthermore, with Flottaweb, it is possible to agree on the right solutions for your fleet according to your personal needs, thus obtaining a unique service thanks to a highly specialized know-how, ready to manage all customer requests.
In quella che rappresenta un’ottica di crescita costante, volta ad un mondo incentrato sulla collaborazione tra tecnologia, innovazione e quotidianità, la sicurezza e l’ottimizzazione di costi e risorse è sempre al centro dell’attenzione.
In a perspective of constant growth, aimed at a world focused on the collaboration between technology, innovation and daily routine, security and the optimization of costs and resources is always at the center of attention.